Recovery Advice For Bail Money

Bailing a loved one or friend out is usually a costly process.  In many cases you will not have all or some of the money returned. Here is a guide that can offer you with an idea of whether you can expect to have the money you have used for a bail bond to be given back to you.

Surety Bail

Using a bail agent from your region like: LUCKY7 // Experienced Bail Bond Service in New Jersey for the purpose of writing surety bonds on behalf of a defendant is usually a cheaper option, as you are required to pay the bail premium, which is only a percentage of the bail amount. This is typically referred to as a “bail bond.” This premium is, in fact, non-refundable and is the amount that the bail agent charges for his services to manage a defendant and ensure that the person will arrive for his or her court appearance.

Cash Bail

If you have paid a cash bail directly to a court which means you have covered the entire bail amount, that amount is returned once the defendant has made the required court appearance. If this individual fails to make it to their court appearance your money is forfeited and you will not be refunded. In addition, if this defendant is arrested again at the stage of being out-on-bail, you will also lose your money.


Property Bond

When you secure what is known as a “property bond” it will mean you have offered the value of a property that you own to a court for the exchange of releasing a defendant. The property relationships can be compared to the cash bail option which means that the court has the right to seize your property legally if the individual fails to make it for their set court date.

It is always advisable for your peace of mind to locate a trusted bail agent. This will ensure the cheapest and safest option to apply for bail for a friend or loved one.